Our Summer of Flotilla Sailing Holidays

Posted: 16th November 2016

As we edge closer to winter, BeyondBeach says bon voyage to this year’s flotilla sailing holidays, and to the blue Ionian sea and warm climes of the beautiful Greek islands. James Hobart, co-owner and Director of BeyondBeach, provides a roundup of the incredible season and some insight into what we can expect for next year’s sailing adventures!

Reflecting on this year’s flotilla sailing holidays, what has made this season particularly memorable?

It has been a fantastic season. Over 65 percent of our Learn to Sail holiday-makers have returned this year to continue with the next steps of their flotilla sailing holidays.

The delivery flotillas, which sail to and from our yacht base in April and October, are always great fun. Everybody gels really well during the trips – staff and guests alike – and the vibe is infectious!

What makes your yacht charter AND flotilla sailing holidays so unique?

Our new FLEXI flotilla holidays are unique to BeyondBeach. We take small groups across five yachts, which makes for a more personal experience and enables more competent guests to try their hand at independent sailing – less like ducklings following the mother duck.

Our lead boat can focus on giving that extra support if necessary, and most importantly, our yachts can sail for longer, allowing groups to make full use of the afternoon sea breeze.

How would you recommend first-timers go about exploring the Greek islands by yacht?

Newbies to yachting should begin by completing our Learn to Sail holidays. It’s the perfect introduction to yacht sailing. Our introductory sailing courses allow novice sailors the opportunity to come to grips with the basics, whilst soaking up the holiday atmosphere and having a great time.

Typically, which Greek islands would you visit during a sailing holiday, and why?

We sail mainly around Kefalonia and the Ionian Islands. Kefalonia is a beautiful island with some wonderful beaches and coastline. Perfect sea breezes, crystal clear waters and stunning scenery make this island an ideal sailing spot.

We also sail to Ithaka, Lefkada, Kalamos, Kastos and Meganissi – they are all incredibly beautiful islands – not mega-marinas, but quaint Greek fishing harbours that are full of character.

Are there any aspects of the sailing holidays that you would like to change or develop ?

Our new FLEXI flotillas will include a lead boat with staff on board to help during the sailing holidays. Our staff are incredibly friendly and are on hand to offer their expertise throughout the excursions.

In addition, once you have completed one of our Learn to Sail courses, you will have the option of sailing away with an International Certificate of Competence (ICC) qualification.

Could you tell us more about the yachts? What are some of their special features or capabilities?

We manage only a small fleet, making it easy to keep the standard of the yachts incredibly high. They are packed full of handy features, such as in mast furling – for simple furling and unfurling – and large sun biminis for shade.

With an eye towards the future, are you hoping to set up sailing holidays in any other countries or regions?

Soon BeyondBeach will be adding another flotilla sailing holiday destination to its remit. Our yachting services will be extended to Croatia in Eastern Europe – another stunning sailing location for beginners and experts alike.

To end, could you tell us how you will be spending the coming winter months at BeyondBeach?

We will be migrating from the sea to the slopes! Our BeyondBeach skiing holidays take place in France – Vaujany – between December and April. Having skied here for many years, we know the two wonderful ski resorts very well.

Aerial view of snow covered ski chalet with snow covered hillside behind it

Our skiing holidays accommodate guests of any age or ability, and we have some amazing luxury chalets for our guests to stay – ensuring they have the ultimate skiing holiday experience.