Flotilla Sailing in the Ionian

Posted: 1st October 2016

There’s nothing quite like meandering around the Ionian islands with great company. The sailing area is perfect for beginner and intermediate sailors, with short distances between harbours and islands, many of them line-of-sight. Set off late morning, grab a bite to eat for lunch on anchor at one of the stunning natural bays en-route, and set sail in the fresh afternoon breeze to your flotilla sailing island destination.

The Ionian is the perfect location for a more relaxing flotilla holiday

  • Stunning islands, anchorages and traditional harbours
  • Easy sailing with no tides !
  • One of the best yacht cruising areas in the world
  • An incredible climate, warm water and  friendly locals
  • Excellent value for money, super local beers and zinging fresh tasty seasonal food
  • The Ionian sea suits beginners and experienced sailors alike
  • Stay for a week ashore at Paliki Beach Club, or Learn to Sail in Lixouri.
  • Flexible flight options from London, Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol and more…Watch our epic Ionian film here

A little bit of history

The Ionian Islands is a chain of Greek islands with an estimated population of 200,000 citizens. The history of the Ionian Islands is a very long and detailed one. The islands were settled by the Greeks as early as 1000 BC and there is proof that the Greeks were populating the islands no later than the 9th Century BC.

The Islands

The coastline and numerous islands of the Ionian have long been known for the stunning scenery, beautiful bays, pine-clad mountains and dramatic coastline. Our small flotilla sailing yachts will meander from our yacht base in Sami and will visit many beautiful harbours, bays and anchorages.


A green and mountainous island and easily be spotted from the Northern tip of Kefalonia. The east coast of Lefkas faces onto a broad expanse of water sheltered by the mainland and the offshore island of Meganisi.  This is often referred to as the “inland sea” and provides a fantastic sailing area with numerous sheltered anchorages, bays and harbours.


Made famous by the book and subsequent film Captain Corelli’s Mandolin and is the largest of the Ionian islands. On the northwest coast, steep cliffs plummet down to white pebble beaches and brilliant blue sea, the rest of the island is covered in citrus trees, olive groves and vineyards.


Well known as Odysseus’s fabled home land, lies just across the breezy channel that separates the  2 Ionian Islands. The east coast has sheltered sailing grounds, stunning historic villages such as Frikes, Kioni and Vathi and fantastic afternoon winds to fill your sails.

Kalamos and Kastos

These 2 smaller islands within the Ionian cluster are also easily reached, a short sail from Ithaka  or Meganisi and both of these islands are firm favourites with our BeyondBeach flotilla guests.