Windsurfing in blue water and windy conditions


Inclusive activity at our Beach Clubs in Greece

Windsurfing holidays

Both our active beach clubs in Greece really have excellent windsurfing conditions for all levels of windsurfers. Whether it’s your first time on a board or you’re already carving like a pro there’s nothing like windsurfing in crystal clear water in a pair of boardies.

Our two great beach clubs Lixouri Bay in Kefalonia and Stira Bay in Evia are the perfect place to give windsurfing a go.

Man in boardshorts and t shirt powers along on a windsurf on the sea
Five windsurf boards stood upright in a rack under a bamboo roof.
Windsurf sails hanging in a beach rack
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Five windsurf boards stood upright in a rack under a bamboo roof.
Windsurf sails hanging in a beach rack
Windsurf instructor giving lesson to group of woman
Person whizzes along on windsurf
Man carries a windsurf sail across the beach to the water edge
A man steers the tiller of a red speed boat whilst looking back at a woman windsurfing

  • Free access to all our well-maintained kit
  • Friendly and experienced RYA qualified beach team
  • Exclusive safety patrolled sailing area
  • No need to rig or derig… just hit the water
  • Free support clinics available everyday
  • Light morning winds and breezy afternoons

We have exclusive water sports areas at both clubs, and most of the time our guests are the only people on the water. Expect cross or cross off-shore conditions. Light morning breezes generally switch direction over lunch and build in the afternoon for more exciting windsurfing conditions that usually last until late evening.

Key points

  • Selection of new equipment
  • First class support
  • Breezy afternoons
  • Sail-away & regatta days
  • Great for kids
  • RYA qualified beach team

Where can I try Windsurfing?

Windsurfing is an inclusive activity at our Lixouri Bay beach club in Kefalonia, Stira Bay beach club in Evia and Villa Club holidays.

Lixouri Bay Beach Club, Kefalonia

Prices from: £425pp inc
Active Beach Clubs in Greece - BeyondBeach

Stira Bay Beach Club, Evia

Prices from: £480pp inc

Villa Club Holidays

Prices from: £685pp

Support clinics

As part of our beach club holiday package we offer daily free group tuition called Support Clinics.  We focus on beginners early on in the week lead to more advanced skills as the holiday goes on. Our beach team will  talk you through the theory of windsurfing, run land and water demos, and get you out on the water as much as they can and as quickly as possible.

For Beginner windsurfers

On a beach club holiday we focus on the basics of windsurfing in a relaxed environment in a stunning location. As part of the inclusive group support clinics we’ll cover the following over an inclusive 2hr session to get you on the water safely.

Safe sailing – the basic rules of safety in windsurfing, including an easy self-rescue technique to get you back to shore.

Rigging of equipment – Correct rigging is important to learn and really helps feeling comfortable on the water.

Launching and landing – Getting in and out safely and easily is super easy when you know how.

Turning around – Sometimes known as Tacking and Gybing – it’s much easier than it looks.

Sailing in all directions – Learn the skills to feel comfortable on a windsurfer in all directions.

Theory – Some basics so you’ll understand the practical side of things when you get going.

For Intermediate windsurfers

If you can sail a triangular course and tack and gybe this is for you.  Boost your confidence by windsurfing in moderate winds and try out intermediate skills that will help improve your overall technique. As we pretty much have the windsurf area to ourselves, it’s a really good stress-free environment to practice these intermediate skills. Breezy afternoons and cross/cross-offshore conditions at both our clubs really help too. As you’re out on the water the majority of the support takes place from the support boats.

During these sessions, we’ll build up skills and develop technique in moderate winds, usually in the afternoons when the wind kicks in. Faster tacks, foot strapwork and the beginnings of carve gybes are some of the techniques we’ll aim to cover.

Kit list

We pride ourselves on having great kit that is regularly updated. Pre-booking isn’t needed, just wander down and off you go. We also have safety boats ready to go, and a full range of buoyancy aids for security. Here’s a selection of what we might have rigged and ready for you on the beach.

  • The essence of freeride

    Windsurf – Starboard Carve / ATOM

    The essence of freeride. The 2014/15 shapes are 8% slimmer on average in the midsection meaning they are extra stable and cover an even wider wind range than ever before. They plane earlier, carry bigger sails and ultimately reach faster speeds than before – more often and more effortlessly making these the ultimate plug and play freeride board. 95, 110 and 120 litre options

  • Perfect board

    Starboard – Go

    Get going on the perfect board. The iconic and irreplaceable GO boards: the progressive boards for improving beginners to advanced windsurfing. The perfect first board that helps you advance from your first steps to fully planing, carve jibing.

  • Great for windsurfing

    Red Paddle co. 10’7” WIND SUP

    Yes, a SUP that’s also great for windsurfing. With the purpose-built Wind 10’7″ you get the benefits of the world’s most popular inflatable SUP, only with the added benefit of being able to fit a sail for the days when the breeze is up.

  • Super-easy handling

    Windsurf Sails – Tushingham concept

    The Concept’s power, super-easy handling and light weight make it the very best sail for progression and with respectable top-end stability, it will last well beyond the early stages of planing. 4.5m to 7m sizes to suit all winds.

  • Fully-featured freeride sail

    Severne Sails – Convert

    The Convert is a fully-featured freeride sail. Range from 4-7m. An obvious choice for any progressing windsurfer, the Convert is purpose-built to be easy to use. Weight is kept to a minimum, boom lengths are short and down-haul tensions are reduced for easier rigging and nice, soft handling characteristics.

  • Flying over the sea without a sound

    Starboard – foil

    Flying over the sea without a sound, zipping along silently close to thirty knots. What could be more fun? The Foil 122 is a plug and play freeride foil board: thin for maximum foil control, with 100% sharp rail edges for early planing and a clean water release even when touching down. It is designed purely as a foil board.

    Foil boards are only available at Lixouri Bay Beach Club 

    Click here for more info about foil boarding

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Windsurfing in blue water and windy conditions


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