Yacht Manager

Location: Greece

“If you’re a natural leader who thrives under a little pressure, this is the job for you. The Yacht  Manager is responsible for all operations regarding yachting experiences from our bases in Kefalonia. This includes the Flotilla, Charters and the Learn to Sail product. You will manage customer service standards, staff welfare and boat maintenance. ”

Job Summary

BeyondBeach are looking for

If you’re a natural leader who thrives under a little pressure, this is the job for you. We offer this exceptional opportunity to a confident, self-motivated manager with strong leadership skills and a commitment to providing outstanding customer service. You will need a broad knowledge of the leisure industry, with a specific focus on the delivery of yachting experiences and holidays.   This combination of general leisure and yachting skills will help to ensure that all aspects of our guests holidays are delivered to the highest standards. 

The Yacht  Manager is responsible for all operations regarding yachting experiences from our bases in Kefalonia. This includes the Flotilla, Charters and the Learn to Sail product. A full understanding of each holiday product and a keen eye for detail are essential. In relation to all yacht products you will manage customer service standards, staff welfare and boat maintenance. 

Flotilla – You will manage the Skipper (and in turn the quality of the flotilla product) through a combination of regular face to face meetings and remote management practices. 

Charters – You will manage the Yacht Trainers who will ensure charter boats are prepped, guests are briefed and safety procedures are adhered to. 

Learn to Sail – You will be a hands-on manager guiding a team of Trainers to deliver the same LTS syllabus at the same high standard, to all guests. You will at times be required to teach. 

For all yacht products you will provide 24 hour safety support as and when needed.

Our aim is to always exceed guest expectations and therefore you will develop a weekly routine which ensures you continually manage the content and delivery of each product. To maintain these high standards you will also need to implement early season staff training and provide ongoing staff support and reviews. 

Core Elements of the Yacht Manager Role:
As the Yacht Manager you will be involved in ALL aspects of the guests holiday, from the point of arrival in Greece, to the day they leave. You can consider your role to have 3 core elements:

1. Product Delivery
2. Guest Interaction
3. Administration

1. Product Delivery
With regard to the Product Delivery your primary aim is to provide a fun, educational and safe environment for our guests to enjoy sailing. In order to do this you will support and guide your staff team to ensure that all activities are strictly adhering to BeyondBeach and IYT (International Yacht Training) guidelines. You will mentor the staff and ensure they are actively adhering to guidelines and standards.  This includes Yacht Trainers, Flotilla Staff, visiting staff and engineers. You will be responsible for their training and development. The delivery of training may be shared with other experienced staff, but it is your duty to ensure that all staff receive a full induction and ongoing training throughout their season. (With regard to flotilla staff and their need for a thorough induction,  the yacht manager will go on flotilla with the crew for the first full week of flotilla.)

You will ensure that all activities we offer, both on and off the water, are exceeding guest expectations and that customer service levels are consistently exceptional. In order to do this you will need to be confident in the details of all the yachting products that we offer and all of the staff roles that you oversee. You will need to understand the importance of staff briefings, activity planning and maintaining a strong oversight at all times. You will need to implement key working practices within your team that ensure you are aware of all operations at all times. For example regular staff meetings, enforcing routine maintenance checks, creating training packs for guest tuition are all key ways in which you will maintain ownership and responsibility of the product delivery.  Creating routine working practices, inclusive of task checklists,  for your key staff will be fundamental to your success as a Manager. 

A key part of successful product delivery is maintaining a positive, skilled and customer focused yacht team. You will lead by example and always find some time within your weekly routine to offer support to your team and to mix with your guests. This weekly support will help promote a strong team atmosphere. You will be responsible for motivating your staff and promoting a positive team spirit with all staff. Ensuring you have a happy and motivated team is a key aspect of your role. Your hours will be longer than your staff, but you yourself will need to remain motivated at all times, understanding that extra work and extra responsibility is why you receive extra pay. You must also understand that organising staff socials and moral boosters is part of your job. As such this may mean working in the evenings to organise such events as team meals, staff training or staff awards nights. Staff welfare is a key part of your role. Happy, confident and skilled staff equates to exceptional product delivery. 

You will work in a hands-on delivery role, as a yacht trainer for one week each months and at busy times. At times you may also need to work in other hands-on roles such as flotilla skipper or boat cleaner. You will take on the role of Flotilla Skipper to allow your Skipper a week off. It is a minimum requirement that you spend at least one week every month, not training. It is a minimum requirement that you have a face to face meeting with the flotilla skipper and attend flotilla guest briefings at least 3 times a month. 

It is a requirement that the Yacht Manager is the lead Skipper on both delivery flotillas, each season. This means that being qualified and experienced in all the activities we offer, is hugely advantageous to your application. 

You will liaise with the area manager with regard to bookings and staff rota’s. You will need to be very clear on your team’s qualifications and abilities, in order that you can recognise key team members and delegate responsibilities to them. You will manage your own staff rota, including staff holiday allowance. 

In addition to a focus on staffing and your hands-on work, another key part of successful product delivery is being able to build positive relationships with suppliers and owners. You are a key liaison between BeyondBeach and our suppliers and owners. You will need to establish clear communication systems and working processes with them.

2. Guest Interaction
As the Yacht Manager you are the face of the company when it comes to all things yachting related. You will need to be confident meeting and greeting guests, welcoming them to their holiday and ensuring they know who you are. It is important that all guests have a key point of contact should they need assistance at any point during their holiday. This assistance may be a minor enquiry such as transfer times or a major enquiry such as a first aid requirement onboard. Whilst on many occasions the guests will have more immediate staff available to them, it is important that they know that the yacht manager is available 24/7 and is easy to contact. You will establish a rota between you and the Yacht Senior to ensure the emergency phone is manned 24/7 all season. 

You will deal with all guest complaints, with support from your line manager, but you will be the hands-on manager finding solutions and liaising with guests. 

In order to ensure that all guests meet, know and have access to the yacht manager you will be required to work on changeover days. This will allow you to meet many of the guests on arrival, those that you do not meet then you will introduce yourself to on the first day of their stay. This involves planning and careful consideration of logistics as you have guests arriving in 2 different locations (Flotilla & Learn To Sail).

3. Administration
With regard to administration you will not have a fixed office base. You may work in a location of your choice. The Yacht Store will be an option and will have a desk, printer and wi-fi provided. You will complete regular administrative, reporting and accounting duties. These will generally be dictated by your ‘weekly manager checklist’ and will include such tasks as:  rotas, weekly manager reports, sales reports, welcome shop order, feedback scores, spares orders and petty cash records. You will work with the office manager to ensure all guest exams and certification are processed in a timely manner. You will work with the office manager to ensure all boat papers are registered on time for all boat use, including charters and day yachts. 

At the start of the season you will be asked to review existing documents in order to improve them year on year. You will do this with the support of the Operations Manager and your input will be key to ensuring the yacht program develops and improves every season. Early season paperwork tasks will include such things as: staff training logbooks, guest training packs, company operating manuals, maintenance reporting logs and risk assessments. 

A core administrative task that will run through many areas of your work is that of generating revenue. You must be inventive and confident in creating ideas that will generate revenue. Generating revenue is a key part of our managers job role. Our centres must be performing well financially in order to ensure the centres, and the product as a whole, continue to grow and improve year on year. In resort you will be working closely with the Area Manager, Beach Club Managers and the Office Manager to understand their job roles and recognise the need for mutual support across the BeyondBeach program. As a combined management team you will work towards new ideas for generating revenue in resort. 

The Yacht Manager Work Ethic

Typically your hours of work will be 08:30 – 19:00, 5 days a week. You will spend just under half of your time doing administrative work and improving systems, and half of your time interacting with guests and staff. 

Balancing all 3 aspects of your role requires strong time management skills and strong organisational skills. You will always be looking ahead, planning for future weeks and ensuring that your team have the resources they need in order to do their jobs to the highest level. It is your job to ensure that your team succeeds. Together with the Area Management you will troubleshoot issues, support your team and be passionate about maintaining exceptional standards at all times. 

BeyondBeach is a small ethical company, with a kind heart and a passion to deliver exceptional holidays. All managers need to agree with this work ethic and support our aim of ensuring that both staff, and guests, thoroughly enjoy their time with us. This is an incredible opportunity for the right individual to make their mark in the leisure industry and lead our small friendly team of yachting staff. 

As with all staff, at the beginning of your season, you will receive a full induction including key information such things as Product Details, Management Skills, Paperwork Processes and Sailing Area Orientation. During your training you will create your weekly routine template. This  routine will help you to cover all aspects of your job role as outlined in this description. Of course the nature of your job means that all routines will need to be flexible, but working from a weekly template is a strong starting point for achieving your season goals. 

Girl stands at helm of yacht. Two men sit either side of the cockpit
3x Studio Room 1x with sea view, 2x non sea view: £6,260 for 5x guests or 6x guests
A girl in a blue t shirt and shorts stands smiling at the camera whilst steering a yacht

Does this sound like you? 

Further Job Details

Key Responsibilities and Tasks

  • Develop a thorough understanding of our brand, overseas operations and products
  • Pre-season preparations for all yachts
  • Assume overall responsibility and ownership for the effective running of yachting products
  • Update and improve BeyondBeach Guidelines/Ops Procedures for Flotilla and Learn To Sail
  • Ensure all activities adhere to IYT and BeyondBeach Guidelines
  • Ensure all activities meet local health, hygiene and safety standards inclusive of Port Police requirements
  • Management and motivation of staff and guests – a happy team is everything
  • Offer staff incentives and rewards as and when needed and deserved
  • Create staff rotas including evening social programs and staff holiday allowance.
  • Ensure that the level of customer service, the appearance of the staff and atmosphere created is always, professional, friendly, safe and enjoyable
  • Oversee and be involved in the delivery of guest welcome and boat briefings
  • Remain vigilant to the overall presentation of the fleet throughout the week with great attention to detail
  • Communicate activities with guests via chart table info packs, notice boards and briefings
  • Organise staff transportation, for example engineer travel to the flotilla
  • Monitor local supply purchases
  • Cover for staff days off/illness when required
  • Implement staff disciplinary procedures when needed
  • Planning and organising pre-season and ongoing staff training programmes
  • Ensure all new staff receive thorough and timely inductions
  • Ensure staff training records are kept up to date and used as an important tool for staff development
  • Carry out staff training
  • Motivate and mentor staff
  • Create guest training packs for staff and guests to benefit from on LTS
  • Implement exceptional guest training programs and actively monitor standards of training and test completion
  • Implement exceptional flotilla and day yacht planning processes and actively monitor the standard of delivery
  • For charters ensure experienced staff are on duty to support guests as needs and ensure the combination of conditions, plans and ability are suitable
  • Provide safety support as needed
  • Foresee guests needs and aim to be as flexible as possible to requests
  • Be available to all guests (local and flotilla based) as much as possible and deal with guest enquiries
  • Deal with any guests’ complaints in a timely and positive fashion
  • Ensure operating procedures are understood and adhered to by the whole team
  • Update risk assessments at the start, middle and end of each season and as and when needed
  • Ensure risk assessments are understood and adhered to by the whole team
  • Plan daily and weekly staff meetings – in person or via phone for remote staff
  • Be a key holder and be responsible for security – where applicable
  • Check emails every day and communicate regularly with line managers
  • Complete essential resort paperwork 
  • Complete weekly Manager Reports
  • Monitor staff accommodation (boats and houses) with regular inspections
  • Be responsible for the cleanliness and usage of the Yacht Guest Apartment 
  • For legal reasons ensure maintenance records are always accurate
  • Ensure all preventative maintenance is carried out as per checklists
  • Ensure all broken equipment is fixed within the shortest possible time frame
  • Update the COSHH file and procedures each season and ensure all staff understand the use of this data
  • Monitor accident forms and implement any necessary actions
  • Understand all local contracts, such as with yacht owners or landlords and ensure you are adhering to them.
  • Be flexible in your job role and willing to assist in all other duties requested by your manager.

Job Requirements

  • Management or Team Leadership Experience within Hospitality or Watersports
    (minimum of 2 years preferable)
  • RYA Coastal Skipper
  • RYA Yacht Master
  • RYA Powerboat Level 2
  • Valid First Aid Certificate
  • Yachting teaching experience and qualifications
  • Confident and highly capable in water rescue and safety techniques
  • Dinghy teaching experience and qualifications (desirable)
  • Yacht Maintenance experience (with strong skills in routine preventative maintenance)
  • Clean DBS check 
  • Proven track record of excellent customer service skills
  • Ability to fulfil the Yacht Trainer Instructor job description 
  • Ability to fulfil the Flotilla Mate job description 
  • Ability to fulfil the Flotilla Skipper job description
  • Clean and tidy appearance
  • Natural motivator
  • Confident at public speaking
  • Over 25 years of age 
  • Valid driving licence

Personal Qualities

The team is everything. 

We are always looking for friendly, energetic and approachable individuals to join our amazing team! People who can build rapport with ease and continue to give our guests confidence in the fact that every element of their holiday is being delivered by people that care.We pride ourselves in offering our staff a different experience.  If you want to experience living in Greece and immersing yourself in Greek culture in a small community, you will love this job. Whilst enjoying your work and the lifestyle that comes from living in Greece, you must always be respectful of those around you. This includes your team mates, our guests, our hotel staff, your landlord, your local neighbours and the local community as a whole. We are very fortunate to live and work in such a beautiful part of the world. We are very lucky to be welcomed into the local community. As such we only employ staff that we feel are mature enough to embrace the instructor lifestyle without causing upset or offence to our local friends and neighbours. If you are a mature, hard working, and enthusiastic manager, with a passion for sailing then we’d love to hear from you. You must understand that you are the ‘face of the company’. You will often be the first point of contact between the public and the company. You must ensure that you always promote the centre in a positive and professional way. This applies to both in and out of work hours. You are a role model to your team mates.

What We Offer

  • Competitive Salary: Feel free to email us to discuss salaries in line with your experience.
  • Flights: To and From Greece.
  • Accommodation: Accommodation provided or an accommodation allowance offered.
  • House Utility Bills: Accommodation bills are paid by the Company if living in our houses.
  • Use of Company Vehicle: For work purposes only.
  • Insurance: Whilst working you are covered under our Public Liability and Professional Indemnity policies.
  • Uniform: Company tops are provided. 
  • Time Off: This is a 6 day week role. 
  • Holiday Allowance: In addition to 1 day off each week, you will receive a set number of holiday days, depending on the length of your contract. 
  • Watersports Equipment: All staff have free access to all watersports equipment, in line with the Company safety policies and procedures.  
  • Yacht Use: All staff have free access to yachts, when booking availability allows and in line with the Company safety policies and procedures.
  • Hotel Facilities: All staff have free access to our beach club facilities such as the swimming pools. 
  • Staff Discount: All staff receive a discount on food and drink at our Beach Clubs.
  • Friends and Family Discount. F&F discounts are available on holidays, for use outside of peak season.
  • Training: All staff receive a comprehensive induction on arrival to ensure you are confident and happy in your job role. All staff are eligible for £100 training bursary and are eligible to apply for funding for other courses.

Four people on a yacht wave and smile at the camera
Aerial view of yachts moored in a harbour
A man in a blue t shirt and white hat stands on a quayside in Ag. Efimia, Kefalonia. There is a white sailing yacht to his left. He is watching another yacht reverse into a space