Beyond Trek-Adventures

Posted: 22nd November 2023

Trek- Adventures is BeyondBeach

Allow us to introduce ourselves. We’re James and Susy, the owners and founders of Trek-
Adventures. We know that you’re busy but we just wanted to grab a few minutes of your
time if that’s ok. As a valued guest or contact of Trek-Adventures we wanted to keep you in the loop on the latest developments. 

We’ve rebranded to BeyondBeach. We felt it was time to elevate our brand, business and
experiences to the next level. A progression rather than a revolution. A very organic
change, and a very positive one – it’s something that we and the rest of the team are
incredibly excited about.

BeyondBeach Logo

We’re the same amazing team and the same (slightly greyer) owners, with that same never ending passion for the great outdoors. Whether it’s sailing yachts in the Greek islands, enjoying our active Beach Clubs in Greece or relaxing in our French ski chalet, our aim is to create a space where friends and families can reconnect, get active, and appreciate a genuinely relaxed holiday experience – BeyondBeach.

We’re also thrilled to introduce some new additions for 2024 such as our lovely Stira Bay
resort in Evia, with a tennis court and spa, hand-picked Villa Club holidays in Kefalonia,
and the addition of inclusive cycling across all our clubs.

Go beyond and check out our new website. The small, personal vibe and friendly team you loved at Trek-Adventures are still very much part of this new adventure as BeyondBeach.

Thank you for being part of our journey, we would love to hear from you if there is anything we can help with.

Phone: 01548 288459

Warmest regards,
James and Susy Hobart and the BeyondBeach team