Introduction to Sailing

For those looking to go flotilla sailing or sail independently in the future and perhaps gain an ICC certificate, we offer the opportunity to cover the majority of the theory course online from the comfort of your own home before your holiday. You can then have a lovely week of sailing in Greece building sea miles, developing skills and practising techniques under the guidance of one of our friendly,  qualified skippers.

After a successful week of sailing in Greece, you then have the opportunity to progress and complete your theory course with a multiple choice test and gain your ICC certificate directly from the IYT .

You can of course just come along for the ride and enjoy a weeks sailing with a skipper while your partner or other members of your family get more involved.

Important Bits

  • The correct ICC online theory course is  24m [and under] ICC THEORY COURSE – Coastal Waters – International Edition
  • The ICC certificate is available to UK residents/nationals and residents/nationals of other selected nationalities*.
  • The ICC pre-holiday theory course is $140 per person paid online directly to the IYT when you register.
  • The weeks ongoing assessment and associated fees are 135€ per person paid in cash locally in Greece. 
  • If 2 or more persons on board decide to try and gain a certificate then EACH person is required to register as a student and EACH person must complete their own online theory course.

Register for free as an IYT student


It’s quick and easy to register as an IYT student online.  Register now for free

As part of the registration process, you will need to upload a copy of your passport (or other government-issued ID) and upload a passport-style photo of yourself for your certificate. You can take this photo yourself on your smartphone or camera, however, it must be a passport-style photo ie, clear background and nothing obstructing your face or eyes.

3 Different certificates are available

Depending on previous sailing experience, ability and progress throughout the week, we can offer the following, all totally achievable with 6 days of sailing.

Introduction to Yachting

A fun certificate of achievement for basic sailing awareness

6 days sailing in Greece

  • No pre-holiday study or tests required
  • You need to be 10 years old or over
  • It’s free

International Crew

The minimum knowledge required to be a useful and active crew member on board and if necessary take charge of a small yacht in protected waters

6 days sailing in Greece

  • You need to register as a student (see below)
  • No pre-holiday study or tests are required
  • You need to be 14 years or over
  • It costs 35€ for the certificate paid in cash locally in Greece at the end of the week

Please note that this qualification is only available to UK residents/nationals and residents/nationals of other selected nationalities*

Flotilla Skipper and ICC CERTIFICATE

An International Certificate of Competence to enable independent flotilla and yacht charter 

6 days sailing in Greece & completion of the pre-holiday online theory course

  • You need to register as a student (see below)
  • Pre-holiday study online theory course required (see below) and then an online test to complete the course
  • Includes the VHF module  (new from 08/05/2018)
  • It costs $140 paid directly to the IYT to obtain your ICC, Flotilla Skipper and VHF certificate and complete the online theory course
  • A further multi-choice test is required out in Greece – 135€ paid in cash locally in Greece
  • You need to be 16 years or over.

Please note that this qualification is only available to UK residents/nationals and residents/nationals of other selected nationalities*

Icc online Theory course

The correct ICC course is  24m [and under] ICC THEORY COURSE – Coastal Waters – International Edition

As a rough guideline, the online ICC course will take about approximately 30 hours to complete. It is accessed through the IYT website. We recommend completing the course in 1 or 2-hour chunks.

It’s a self-learning course and progress can be saved at any time and picked up from where you left off at a later date.

The course consists of three parts, broken down into 25 modules.

The course includes the IYT VHF / SRC Marine Communications Course.

At the end of each module, there’s a quick quiz which needs to be completed before beginning the next module.

ICC theory course procedure

Before you set off

Step 1

Register as an IYT student Register now for free

Accessing the online theory course material is also FREE, once you have registered as a student. When you are ready to take the final online theory exam you will need to pay $140 to access the exam and attain your theory certificates (including VHF theory certificate).

Step 2

Once you have completed your registration, return to this page and use THIS LINK to add the correct course to your IYT account. We require you to complete the 24M ICC THEORY COURSE – COASTAL WATERS – INTERNATIONAL EDITION*


We are aware of the IYT warnings regarding the ICC qualification. All students will also complete their Flotilla Skipper qualification alongside the ICC course. There is no extra theory or practical work to be completed for the Flotilla Skipper.

 Step 3

Complete the online theory course and all online module tests as required. As mentioned, we recommend going through the course in chunks of 1 or 2 hours.

Step 4

Before completing the final online theory exam, you will be asked to make payment of $140 USD to the IYT. After this, you can then complete the final online theory exam and be awarded your theory course certificate and VHF certificate. There is no limit to how many times you may attempt the final theory exam.

Step 5

Please send us a copy of both of your certificates to prior to your holiday – Don’t worry, we’ll send you a reminder before your holiday!

Whilst we cannot provide any information or help you complete the course or the assessment, we can provide technical assistance should you have any problems registering or accessing the course and online materials.

And on the water in Greece

Your instructor will teach you new skills, guide you through sailing techniques and build sea miles, putting into practise all the theory work you have covered!

Students must then take a further multiple choice theory test in Greece at a cost of 135€. This is paid in cash locally to our yacht staff in Greece.

Our UK team will then process your application with the IYT and you will receive your final certificates and license by post within 6 – 8 weeks

The ICC certificate is valid for 5 years

*Nationals/residents of the below list of countries will NOT be able to undertake the Level 3 ICC Theory Course. Instead please click here to complete the International Flotilla-Bareboat Skipper E-learning Course. If you are able to prove residency (eg. Utility bill (electric or gas), Property tax bill, Telephone bill, Insurance bill), IYT can issue ICCs to any other country’s citizens that are not listed below.

Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, South Africa, Switzerland, Ukraine

Renewing your Existing Certificates

Renewing your certificates is a relatively simple process, however, it can take up to 6 weeks, so please allow plenty of time before your holiday in order to do this, bearing in mind that our staff will need to see copies of your certificates at least two weeks before you travel.

The current fee for a renewal is $125.00 plus shipping (airmail is free but not traceable, courier fee varies by location).  Click here to get started on the IYT website.

Please note that you may also incur extra penalty fees for late renewal and an oral examination is required if you have an ICC that is 2 years or more out of date.